Quality Sushi Rolls Begin With Quality Sushi Rice


Great Sushi Begins With a Grain of Rice

Whether you’re new to sushi or you’re a regular consumer of this centuries-old delicacy, you’ve probably noticed that the rice heavily influences a great sushi meal.

california rollOne thing that Tim Lau, owner of Samurai Sushi & Hibachi, has learned throughout his twenty-seven years in the restaurant business is that rice is not an insignificant ingredient. Careful selection of rice is key and Mr. Lau takes it very seriously in his quest to provide the Des Moines community with the best sushi. That is why he uses only the highest quality rice so that he’s able to deliver the necessary balance of flavor, texture and stickiness that are essential to the perfect piece of sushi.

First, quality selection. Then, skillful preparation.

According to Mr. Lau, selection of rice isn’t the only thing that is important to perfecting his sushi; it is also the preparation that is key. First, he soaks the rice to remove some of the starch, and then it is steamed and flavored with a homemade blend of seasonings. Some sushi chefs make the mistake of soaking the rice too much, which removes most of the starch. According to Mr. Lau, this is not ideal as it is the starch that provides the flavor and stickiness. It is also important to not overcook the rice as that will impact the quality and taste of the sushi.

SamuraiSushiImage4It’s this attention to detail that makes Samurai Sushi and Hibachi one of Des Moines’ favorite    sushi restaurants. “Texture and taste are a geographical preference and I’ve been listening to my customers,” says Lau. A lower quality restaurant may use cheaper grade rice, but Samurai Sushi and Hibachi believes in only using the best quality ingredients for their sushi.

If you enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and delicious sushi, stop in today and experience it for yourself.